Alchemy Ouroboros Snake Tattoo

The tail of the snake is a phallic symbol the mouth is a yonic or womb like symbol.

Alchemy ouroboros snake tattoo. We look into it. We can see this continuity in the four seasons of the year. Its head and anterior portion is red being the color of blood as soul.

It first appeared as a hieroglyph in egypt but swiftly wound its way to other cradles of civilization. In alchemy it represents the. Ouroboros snake tattoo idea.

Oftentimes an ouroboros snake tattoo points out on the religiousness and spirituality and serves as an amulet to ward off the evil spirits. What does the ouroboros mean and where does it come from. The meaning of ouroboros refers to the cycles of nature and the eternity itself.

See more ideas about ouroboros tattoo tattoos and snake tattoo. A snake eating its own tail the symbol of the ouroboros. It is a snake and as such as symbol of soul.

Find fresh ideas about ouroboros tattoo on the wild tattoo new ideas for tattoo designs snake symbols best snake tattoos done by top tattoo artists from around the world check out the snake tattoo best of gallery or read up on snake tattoo meanings uroborosink by related best skull tattoo designs and best tattoo design drawings see more. The ouroboros is often interpreted as a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal or a cycle of life death and rebirth. These cycles repeat once in a while and appear as a constant rebirth.

The addition of flowers and small designs on the body of the snake add a personal touch and help make this a one of a kind tattoo. Snake eating its tail tattoo. Such ouroboros tattoo designs often stand for all round development immortality progress and protection.

The ouroboros is a greek word meaning tail devourer and is one of the oldest mystical symbols in the world. While the ouroboros is most often visualized as a snake dragons have long been associated with this mystic symbol and here the artist uses gray wash and illustrative design to create a unique fantasy style dragon. Both these meanings relate to the concept that everything exists in a period.

Mar 8 2016 explore chattjpinterests board ouroboros on pinterest. Its tail and posterior half is dark representing body. The skin sloughing process of snakes symbolizes the transmigration of souls the snake biting its own tail is a fertility symbol.

And symbolizes continuous renewal a snake is often a symbol of resurrection as it appears to be continually reborn as it sheds its skin the cycle of life and death and harmony of opposites.

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