Does Tattoo Removal Scar Your Skin

Laser tattoo removal with the right lasers should not leave a scar.

Does tattoo removal scar your skin. Indeed the scar may even become more visible. Does tattoo removal leave scars. The number of treatments you will need will depend on the age size and colors of your tattoo.

Theres no other choice really. In fact there is a very low risk of scars if quality laser tattoo removal equipment is used by qualified specialists. The color of your skin as well as how deep the tattoo pigment goes will also affect the removal.

If you do see a keloid start to form talk to your tattoo. Therefore more sessions might be required to effectively remove a tattoo especially those with darker ink. Does dark or black skin require more laser tattoo removal sessions.

Nothing works better than laser tattoo removal. The removal process itself should not cause scarring. As you are no doubt aware picking at or peeling off scabs can increase the risk of scarring and infection so try to avoid this.

However if you observe certain symptoms that persist a month or two after your tattoo after the skin has completely healed a scar can become visible. Tattoo removal does not have to leave a scar. Once your tattoo heals the ink should be.

If there are existing scars however they will remain. After much research including several of our own staff members receiving laser tattoo removal with others systems including the picosure we have determined that the most effective and safest laser is the picowave. A study entitled a proposed scale to assess tattoo removal treatments found that darker skin tones contain pigment colours similar to that of tattoo ink.

If you have a scar you tattooed over or if the skin actually developed scar tissue from the original tattooing procedure laser tattoo removal will not remove that scar tissue. There is a tradeoff between aggressive treatments that can cause bleeding or blistering but get rid of the tattoo quickly and less aggressive treatments that do not disrupt the surface layer of the skin but will result in more visits.

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