Infected abscess on tattoo.

Tattoo infection. Look at her nowthere are no pimples but actually whiteheads and pimples are hidden a lot 32 duration. The end result for the tattoo depends on how severe the infection is and whether thick scabs blisters or sores have appeared. What is a tattoo infection.

Tattoo dyes especially red green yellow and blue dyes can cause allergic skin reactions such as an itchy rash at the tattoo site. When you get a tattoo it can be a very exciting experience especially if it is your first one. The most common symptom of a tattoo infection is a rash or red bumpy skin around the area where you have the tattoo.

Signs and symptoms of tattoo infection may include scabs pimples oozing or draining pus bleeding blisters damaged tattoo peeling fever rash and even redness. The infection can range from minor and easy to take care of to life threatening. If your skin swells turns red or feels tender or you notice a pus.

All tattoos will be slightly uncomfortable in the hours and days following the session but knowing how to distinguish between regular discomfort and more serious signs of infection can be tricky. Without treatment complications of a skin infection such as a deeper infection and rarely sepsis may occur in some people. Fading of color or design is the most common result though in particularly nasty circumstances the tattoo will develop scar tissue.

Please try again later. This can occur even years after you get the tattoo. A skin infection is possible after tattooing.

This feature is not available right now. Antibiotic treatment can usually resolve a tattoo related infection. This is when the tattoo you have just gotten becomes infected for a variety of reasons.

If your tattoo artist doesnt properly clean his equipment or uses it on more than one person you could get an infection. An infected tattoo can be caused by staph infections or mrsa tainted manufacturers ink an infected piercing etc.

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