Tattoo Laser Removal Process

The healing process following picosure tattoo removal nyc typically lasts about 14 days.

Tattoo laser removal process. However unlike treatments for blood vessels or hair the mechanism required to shatter tattoo particles uses the photomechanical effect. Laser tattoo removal techniques can get rid of your unwanted. Tattoo ink is placed beneath the top layer of the skin.

In this situation the energy is absorbed by the ink particles in a very short time typically nanoseconds. Common techniques used for tattoo removal include laser surgery surgical removal and dermabrasion. The success of any tattoo removal is due in part to a clients dedication in following all after care instructions such as avoiding the sun smoking and alcohol.

I share my laser tattoo removal experience after 10 treatments. There is minimal skin discoloration which varies depending on skin tone. After eight laser tattoo removal treatments the tattoo is gone.

You should first schedule a consultation with a trained professional who can evaluate your tattoo and advise you on the process. Common side effects of laser tattoo removal include. I hold nothing back in the removal process in this video the ugly truth.

You will see live video of me getting my tattoos removed. That makes tattoo removal more complicated and expensive than the original tattoo application.

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