Unalome Lotus Tattoo Meaning

That being said it is good to know the origin and the meaning of a cultural symbol such as the unalome but at the end of the day it is your body your tattoo choice.

Unalome lotus tattoo meaning. So a tattoo may look simple but it can have a profound meaning behind it. Tattoos are for everyone but only a few know the reason of the permanent marks. The lotus meaning also varies depending on the stage of the lotus flower which holds a particular significance also.

There are myriad designs for tattoo lovers and if you fall for the aesthetic artwork then the meaningful unalome tattoo designs and symbols knock you down with feather. Unalome features an aesthetic appeal and the symbols usually hold a strong meaning. The lotus flower symbolizes overcoming adversities towards perfection thus perfectly integrating the meaning of the unalome.

Unalome with lotus tattoo. The unalome lotus tattoo symbolizes overcoming adversities towards perfection. Thus perfectly integrating the meaning of the unalome.

Unalomes often appear joined to a khata oration or charm written in ancient khmer language or to an ongk pra. The unalome is originally a hindu symbol that graphically recalls shivas third eye and it represents wisdom and the path to perfection. Stages of the lotus flower.

When you get the unalome tattoo you know what you are getting. However you might see a few images attached to the unalome and below is an example of that. Many different cultures embrace tattoos.

Lotus flower meaning in buddhism. The unalome with lotus tattoo is a very popular way to get this tattoo. Many different cultures embrace tattoos.

What does a unalome lotus flower and tattoo mean. The unalome is a straight up image. Unalome is a buddhist design which represents lifes path toward enlightenment.

The lotus flower has its roots in the mud at the bottom of streams and ponds but it still grows to become the most beautiful. If the unalome symbol has a strong meaning for you go and get that tattoo and show to the world that youre well on your way to nirvana. In tattoos there are more liberties taken when choosing colors due to the significance the color might have to the person getting the lotus flower tattoo.

By the way there are different versions of the unalome ranging from the classic one to many altered versions that add different symbols for example a lotus flower and thus convey different meanings.

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